Saturday, January 10, 2009


Princess Donna and Lorelei fucked by multiple Slave Trainers

Fri, Sep 05 2008 12:00:00

Training Report, Final Day

General Observations

  • she is an efficient and astute young lady
  • she is a bruised, sore and experienced masochist but...
  • there are ways to hurt her that she does not yet know
  • pacing improved
  • she misses pussy
  • she suffers beautifully


  • serve cock, esp. oral skills
  • male anatomy 101
  • humility
  • discipline
  • sense of humor


  • push her further into the surreal world of her circumstances
  • blur the path to reality
  • assign different names through the day to disorient

  • leash her with clover clamps to nipples and labia
  • order lorelei to walk her as her screams echo through the 'Theater of Pain'
  • deprive her of her senses
  • rig and submerge her in the Houdini Tank
  • put both the little sluts in corsets and gags
  • use them to entertain a few guests
  • use lorelei as an instructional aid
  • her pussy as motivation for donna
  • teach her the value of a sense of humor
  • see to it they are both used hard and well
  • call out donna on her inept and sloppy oral skills
  • give her some hands on lessons
  • overwhelm them both with orders and hard cocks
  • make them work hard for three loads of come
  • see to it they swap the come back and forth before they eat it
  • give donna a mouthful of that pussy she has been missing this week
  • take donna's exit interview as lorelei eats her pussy

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Friday, January 09, 2009


Jade Marxxx trained to suck cock and obey

Fri, Dec 28 2007 12:00:00

Training Report, Final Day

Goals Review

  • Orgasm Control: She is much improved, although I bet she still sneaks the occasional O.
  • Leash Training: Learned the hard way how to crawl on a leash. She has earned the right to wear one.
  • Cock Sucking: She can take it all the way down her throat.
  • Pussy Eating: Good reports from the Donna and Claire.
  • Slave Positions: It is a beautiful sight to see her move through positions and maintain an eye line.
  • Speech Training: Yes Sir, No Sir, Thank you Sir - what else is needed?

Final Lessons: Her comfort is secondary to her dominant's amusement.

She is capable of more than she thinks she is.

Maintain composure at all cost.

Obedience is central to submission.

Miss Marxxx is in a fragile state at this point. She has been searching for a deeper understanding of the things she does, and we have opened her eyes to her own inner workings and what is possible in the sea of submission. She enjoys being scared and giving over control, and this training has allowed her to safely experience some of that. She now leaves us with a deeper understanding of what BDSM may hold for her. Congratulations Miss Marxx, you have truly graduated.

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Thursday, January 08, 2009

BDSM equipment

Slave Harmny Rose brutally punished and ass fucked

Fri, Jun 06 2008 12:00:00

Training Report

Goals Revisited:

  • Patience
  • Claustrophobia
  • Orgasm Control
  • Composure

Recommendations: Enforce our control over our trainee's hunger for humiliation and filthy sex by handing her over to a building janitor for a quickie while on he way to the set. Right in that filthy bathroom, order her to drop to her knees and suck him off like he was a leather Master, and thank him for the chance to take his come down her slut throat.

When she thinks the worst is over, detour again into the Pit Room where she is to punished for staying out past curfew, fucking in the park and acting like a drunken teenager.

Make her plead to be punished before stuffing her head into the locking underground pit to face her nightmares of claustrophobia while her ass is stripped by the cane in a brutal punishment scene. When she comes up she knows what is it like to be absolved through fear and pain.

Order her cleaned up, collared and dressed for her presentation to Mr. Holmes. Put her on best behavior and turn her over for BDSM use, hard ass, pussy and mouth fucking followed by some corner time to meditate on her slutty behavior.

Drag her to quarter and confront her with the shortcomings of her performance that day, and beat her ass while she recites each of them. Accept her thanks for the punishments, corrections and use, then assign her homewrok and send her away to prepare for her final day of training.

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Tawni Ryden applies for slave training

Sun, Jun 24 2007 00:00:00

Applicant Profile

Age: 21

Sign: Cancer

Height: 5'5"

Fears / Current Limits: Claims to have 'no real limits' with the exception of no anal due to a very tight ass.

Strengths: Multi orgasmic - after the first one, they continue to come in waves.
Capable of orgasm from penetration alone. Very tough and determined girl.

Weaknesses: Superficial understanding of submission, channeling pain. Uses disobedience to get what she wants. Has trust issues. Cannot deep throat.

Experience: Has worked with some BDSM web sites, no lifestyle experience

Current Status: unowned

Initial Observations: Applicant is in the first year of exploring BDSM. She is engaging and energetic. Primary coping mechanism is a tough physical and mental attitude approaching petulance. Fond of the phrase, ' Everyone know that the submissive is really in control'. Biggest challenge will be to break her bratty attitude yet foster her spirit.

Recommendations: Assign filthy and demeaning tasks that directly challenge her expectations. Give her plenty of latitude to act out, inflame her anger, draw that brat out into the open. Cane and whip her to determine her reaction to corporal punishment. Test her ability to orgasm through penetration, tightness of her cunt, cock sucking ability with an eye toward improving her deep throat skills

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ass fucking machines

Fuck Slut Amber Rayne graduates slave training

Fri, Jun 13 2008 12:00:00

Training Report, Final Day

Goals Review

  • Relinquish Control
  • Eroticize Pain
  • Self Worth

Introduce her to Mister Holmes for a day of hard service beginning with keeping his huge cock hard all day. Drill her on her lessons in obedience and discipline while she has been here. Order her to list the many ways one can relinquish control to their dominant while her cunt and ass are being pounded by Mr. Holmes' hard cock.

Hard face slapping, foot worship, leash training and ass worship are covered in today's lessons, and she is drilled on what she learned this week as she struggles to keep up with the two demonic trainers' demands.

Push till she acknowledges the freedom found in severe discipline, the worth of extreme obedience, her skills gained in eroticizing pain and finally, her own self worth.

Congratulations Miss Rayne, you made it through. Does she leave us with a deeper understanding of herself and BDSM? You decide.

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Monday, January 05, 2009

anal machine

Princess Donna turned into a slavegirl

Fri, Jun 27 2008 12:00:00

Training Report

General Observations

  • Trainee dislikes inferior performance, needs to 'do a good job'
  • Poor at controling teeth on blowjobs
  • Likes earning marks, makes her 'feel tough'
  • Engaged, present, shows natural reactions
  • Seems to have difficulty keeping track of her 'burden'


  • Discipline is humility
  • Grace and fluidity
  • Her holes are ours


  • Review homework: An essay on Patrick Califia
  • Reward her thorough research by ordering her to masturbate for us while under the whip
  • Make her restrain her orgasm while drilling her on training goals
  • Assign a new name for the day to keep her identity at bay

  • Introduce Sarge to instill discipline and humility through rigorous physical and mental exercises
  • Drill her on graceful movements
  • Use vibration and orgasm to motivate
  • Distract her with the gimp's mouth on her cunt and test her composure
  • Clamp her nipples and order her to make herself suffer for our amusement
  • Use whips, clamps, weights and orgasms liberally
  • Take her to the scrubing room to underscore her lessons in humility
  • Give her plenty of practice at giving up her mouth and pussy for cock, or else she gets the hose again.
  • Drill her on ball sucking till her face is covered in cum
  • Be sure she understands that the blowjob is not over once the cum comes out
  • Assign her homework: an essay on Joseph Bean
  • Demonstrate the consequences of loosing track of her burden, the 40 pound stone she must keep with her at all times.

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Sunday, January 04, 2009

anal dildo teen

Slave Girl Sarah Ceylon trained to fuck and suck at same time

Wed, Jun 20 2007 00:00:00

Training Report

Progress Review: Previously, trainee has proven able to succum to total helplessness, being led naked and blindfolded into the bowels of the Armory. She is turned on when she is degraded and ordered into hard manual labor. She proves determined to train. Trainee responds well to instruction and appears genuinely willing to submit and adhere to a structured protocol, but she does require immediate and harsh discipline when rules are broken.

She appears to thrive on being used like a piece of property, responding well sexually. She possesses a very tight little pussy and ass, her oral skills are good but she has a tendency to scrape her teeth on the cock. She does indeed orgasm from hard penetration, her body contracting around the cock in a most satisfying manner - good enough to earn a bed to sleep in that night.

Trainee was kept overnight in the Armory, her quarters invaded in the middle of the night. Her response to her privacy being stripped away was slightly stoic but she performed for the whip and reacted well to a hard fuck and vibrator while tied in tight rope bondage.

Training Goals:

  • Instill focus and self discipline
  • Improve ability to remain present when being hurt
  • Basic slave positions
  • Basic protocol - properly addressing dominant, limited eye contact
  • Trained to entertain with filthy stories

Recommendations: Continue her work at the dirt pile under Isis Love's supervision. Order her into the stocks and single tail her ass as Isis tests her ability to swallow her strap-on.

Give her a thorough sexual workout by ordering her to fuck and suck at the same time, back and forth between the two dominants until she is orgasming out of control with her face buried in Isis's hungry, demanding cunt and her pussy stuffed with hard cock. Spray her with come and send her to her quarters to complete her video journal.

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Saturday, January 03, 2009

anal dildo pic

Testing Lorelei Lee's slave skills

Mon, Jun 18 2007 00:00:00

Applicant Profile

Age: 26

Sign: Pisces

Height: 5'5"

Fears / Current Limits: Has some inner fears working against her ability to go into sensory deprivation.

Strengths: Good pain management. Likes it rough. Very intelligent with a spontaneous, engaging personality.

Weaknesses: Fidgets, easily exudes nervousness.

Experience: Very experienced BDSM model, limited structured lifestyle experience

Current Status: unowned

Initial Observations: Applicant is tentative about her current pain tolerance, but craves a hard experience that will leave marks. Interested in exploring sensory deprivation. Claims to be a real pervert, suggest thorough sexual use.

Recommendations: Long, heavy caning. Predicament bondage scene that teaches the discipline to keep still during corporal scene. Test ability to control orgasm. Test reactions to full hood, sensory deprivation. Test cock sucking skills.

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Friday, January 02, 2009

anal dildo gallery

Lorelei Lee Buried Alive!

Fri, Aug 31 2007 00:00:00

Training Report, Final Day

Goals Summary

  • Pain Tolerance: Trainee displays an awesome array of masochistic talents. She seems to really get off on the pain.
  • Protocol: Displays a disciplined and direct adaptation to the rules.
  • Sensory Deprivation: Initially this was a very difficult prospect for her, and we nearly aborted this thread but she decided to stick with it and successfully complete a difficult underground scene today.

Review: She is ordered to complete more manual labor. She is ravaged and beaten with filthy hands, leaving her tits and face smeared with mud.

When ordered into the coffin, there is a fearful hesitation, but she finally complies and the lid is screwed down. The coffin is laid out in several inches of water and the dirt begins to pile onto the wooden box. The sounds of fear and accomplishment filter through the breathing tube.

She is raised and crucified. The sounds of her orgasms fill the echoing room as she is grilled on what she learned this week. She is finally released from training with a deeper understanding of what goes on inside her own head during S& M scenes.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

adult sex machine

Julie Night trained to service hard cock

Fri, Oct 12 2007 00:00:00

Training Report, Final Day

Goals Review

  • Fear of water: conquered
  • Fear of small spaces: Greatly improved
  • Obedience: This slut has turned out extremely obedient and eager to please
  • Composure: Greatly improved

Review: Miss Night's fear of small spaces is put to the test when she is crated like an animal and transported to the Armory in the back of a pick up truck. After an hour in the box she is eager to be put to use, and Mark Davis is on hand to put her through her paces.

Heavy humiliation is brought to bear on our trainee, and she barks like a dog and fetches a bone as good as any pet,
especially when she is gagged on Mr. Davis' cock as a reward.

Hard ass fucking makes her come like a screaming slut, and we see to it that every orifice is well used on this last day of training for Miss Night. We tease and control her orgasms as Mark pounds her ass and the Trainer stuffs her mouth with more hard cock.

Just when she thought it was over, we bring the blindfolded slave to the pit of her darkest fears. She must use all her training to in an attempt to make it through this final challenge in the underground water pit.

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